Two Wheel Touring NZ - Established 2008

Two Wheel Touring NZ offers a basic, lower cost, nuts and bolts approach to motorcycle touring throughout New Zealand. TWT motorbike tours range from a few days through to ten to twelve day tours, that can cover the four corners of the country. Two Wheel Touring NZ tours are operated usually over New Zealand’s warmer seasons. All types of motorcyclists are catered for, riding all sorts of machines.

Based out of Auckland, the various TWT North Island tours start out of Auckland from the BP Drury Motordrome on the Auckland Southern Motorway. Northland TWT motorbike tours start from north of Auckland and the South Island TWT tours start out of Kaikoura or Westport. Tour routes usually round off at 300 - 350 km per day, with some larger days now and then, with shorter distances and an occasional rest day too. Tour participants are given a trip-pack containing a variety of information. Tour itineraries usually try to keep off the main state highways, and ride the heartland bitumen roads of New Zealand A large degree of self-catering is involved to minimize costs, and each day’s riding usually finishes around a bar or outside on a deck, where stories/yarns from that days riding and motorcycling tales can be exchanged.

Participants on recent tours come from all walks of life, with most riders in the 35 to 65 years age bracket, and generally on any given tour there are three or so couples involved. With this basic nuts and bolts approach, and with the intention to keep costs down, the aim is to give riders from here in our own country, and for those from abroad, an opportunity to ride the roads with like-minded folk, around the country that as Henry Cole motorcycle enthusiast states, New Zealand is one of the great countries to motorcycle tour.